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Safeguard Safety Roof Anchors

Safeguard Safety has a number of options when it comes to roof anchors. We have recently launched a new roof anchor product line that can be used for a number of fall arrest/fall protection applications. In addition to our own product line, we are also certified installer of Uniline safety product “Roofsafe”. Roofsafe anchors with Force Management Technology allow installation of horizontal lifelines and single anchor points on modern, non-fragile roof structures using minimal penetrations or in some cases no penetrations at all.


Fall Arrest Anchors for Concrete Roofs

Fall arrest anchors are used to provide a secure point of attachment for lifelines, lanyards or deceleration devices, and which is independent of the means of supporting or suspending the worker. These products can serve as a roof anchor or roof anchor points that can be used to ensure safety.

Standard Concrete Connection DetailSafeguard Safety Inc. fall arrest roof anchor systems utilize our custom forged D-ring which results in added strength.  Our anchors are designed to resist a pull-out force of 5000 lbs (22.24 kN), applied at 360 degrees. SSI anchors conform to all Canadian and United States standards, provincial and state labour/safety codes and materials standards relating to anchor fabrication.

These anchors, including roof anchor points, have many other practical uses, such as direct attachments of primary life lines, secondary life lines for worker fall protection, for swing stage use, or even boatswain’s chairs. Single roof anchor points can be designed and engineered for both roof top applications as well as overhead use.

As an essential component to our “Complete Systems” approach we provide in house Engineering as a part of every project. Our experienced engineering team can provide you with cost effective, creative solutions to your fall protection or custom fabrication needs. The ability to issue an engineered set of stamped drawings in house means quicker delivery times, and the ability to deal directly with safeguard staff to ensure the design is exactly what you need.

In addition Safeguard Safety Inc. has purchased and now operates a certified CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) state of the art fabrication facility. We offer custom steel fabrication of our new “Fall Arrest Anchor Line”, including a roof anchor as well handrails, stairs, ladders, platforms, railings and many other safety related products. We also fabricate custom equipment such as jib arms, gantry cranes and several other material handling solutions.

Fall Arrest Anchor for Steel Roofs

Roof tops on existing or new buildings may present safety issues due to worker maintenance, window washing or re-roofing. Strategic placement of roof anchor points and/or horizontal lifelines is imperative, depending on the application. We have the experience and products to provide solutions to these issues.


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Safeguard Safety Inc. Wall Anchor


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